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5 places to see the White Cliffs of Dover

Lana Crouch
15th April 2019

Ah, The White Cliffs of Dover. You know the ones we’re talking about, right? The iconic natural landmark that greets you when you arrive across the Channel from France? Featured in more than a handful of award-winning films? Hash-tagged on Insta over 37,000 times (and counting…)? Oh and there’s even a song about them. Yeah, those are the White Cliffs we’re talking about. They’re kind of a big deal…

Now, the thing is, when you're perched right at the top of them, it can be pretty tricky to get the perfect photo that really encapsulates the size and scale of this striking chalk face (believe us, we've tried!) So where can you see the White Cliffs of Dover? Ask no more as we've rounded up our top five alternative viewpoints for these iconic cliffs. Your Instagram feed can thank us later! 

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Shakespeare Beach

Stretching out to the west of Dover Harbour this long stretch of shingle is cited as a bit of a hotspot with swimming enthusiasts. In fact, swimming the Channel from Shakespeare Beach is the shortest distance between the UK and France! Whilst a little further afield than the rest of our viewpoint suggestions, we just couldn't leave this gem out! Walking enthusiasts are sure to enjoy a leisurely stroll along the beautiful beach, catching glimpses of impressive chalk face from the nearby Shakespeare Cliff along the way. Swim, stroll and snap. 

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Dover Marina

With breathtaking views of the White Cliffs and undisturbed views of the English Channel, the view from Dover Marina is  pretty unrivalled. For your next Kent break, plan for a stay at The Best Western Plus Dover Marina Hotel & Spa to explore the local hotspots before enjoying a good night's rest, or simply pop in and indulge in a traditional Afternoon Tea whilst gazing wistfully out to sea. Room with a view. 

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St Margaret’s Bay

A walk along St Margaret's Bay boasts some of the best views of those spectacular cliffs! Whilst all pubs are currently closed, scout out the area now and make a plan to come back and visit "Britain’s nearest pub to France", The Coastguard, which has kept watch of the waves for more than 300 years. Tucked away at the feet of the cliffs in St Margaret's Bay, this nautical themed spot offers a warm welcome to all who come aboard. Aye aye, Captain. 

Out on the channel

Whilst our next suggestion is the very definition of sea views, there's no need to fear - you needn't don your wetsuit or brave the cold waters just yet! When we can easily set sail again, we'll be looking forward to getting those panoramic shots of the iconic landmark as we sail to shore on a P&O ferry crossing.

 Sail away with me.  

The Secret Wartime Tunnels

Who says you need to be outside the cliffs to catch a good view? Delve deep within the chalk face to witness the drama of these eerie, winding medieval tunnels. Whilst they remain closed for now, we know you'll want to visit this special place soon! Visitors can experience the sights and smells of the underground hospital and join a brilliant immersive tour revealing the story of Operation Dynamo, masterminded in the tunnels to rescue stranded troops from Dunkirk. No need to keep this photo spot a secret. 

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