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Faversham Creek Nautical Festival

Faversham, Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne

Faversham Nautical Festival

Faversham, Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne


Faversham, Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne

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Faversham, Isle of Sheppey and Sittingbourne


Archetypal England, ancient gabled buildings nestling along the slowly lapping waters of a creek, the aroma of hops, the taste of freshness from surrounding orchards and fields... Sound too good to be true?

You’ll find all this and more in beautiful Faversham. You can browse through the market on a square that’s barely changed since the first Elizabeth held the crown, wander past the old barge sheds of a bygone time on the creek, sample the fruits of centuries of brewing craft at Shepherd Neame or any of our micro-breweries, indulging in some of Kent’s finest food from land and sea or simply wandering green lanes, fields and orchards along routes trodden by pilgrims for millennia. This is Kent as it was and still is, preserved yet lived in, tranquil yet vibrant and creative - a place with every historic nuance with all the contemporary comforts you crave. Come and be part of the story as the next chapter unfolds. Be our guest in the ‘Market Town and Port of Kings’ and you’ll understand why we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Experience Faversham:

For more local information go to: The Visit Faversham website - hosted by Visit Swale

Isle of Sheppey

A visit to the Isle of Sheppey… think of a proper seaside holiday, golden sand, Kentish sunsets. Swathes of green National Nature Reserves as far as the eye can see on Elmley Marshes and The Swale, a rich tapestry of heritage from seafaring to Saxons, from Queenborough to Blue Town, Minster and beyond, all packed with stories and experiences just waiting to be uncovered. Explore history from the prehistoric - world renowned fossil beds where you have a definite chance of bagging a dinosaur to take home with you – to the story of the aviation pioneers, the Wright brothers, and the first powered flight on British soil. Expect award winning beaches, ice cream and seaside holidays like they used to make them to bring back those nostalgic memories, and even raptor watching in one of the best places in the UK to watch birds of prey wheel and dive over the marshes. There's so many memories waiting to be created on the Isle of Sheppey. 

Experience the Isle of Sheppey 

For more local information go to: hosted by Visit Swale


A weekend break of heritage, countryside and good food awaits in Sittingbourne, all at an easy 45 minutes from London. Let your gaze wander above the shops to the old Georgian buildings on the high street, get out and experience the green hillsides of the Kent Downs, or sip a proper cup of coffee at Baileys before taking a peek into the past at Milton Regis Court Hall Museum. Intriguing history, a slew of sports and recreation, some seriously creative culture, invigorating outdoor experiences alongside a serious choice of all the comforts and essentials await in this lively hidden gem.

Sittingbourne has undergone a lengthy period of investment and regeneration culminating in the opening of a new Travelodge for Sittingbourne and The Light Cinema Sittingbourne, bowling alley and more food and drink options. New restaurants have already opened in the town including the Sentado Lounge, Tacos Locos, the Amalfi Ristorante Pizzeria complimenting the existing High Street offer and choice for that special evening meal.

Enjoy the open air, nature and sport at Milton Creek Country Park, take a family trip down memory lane on one of the two heritage railways; Sittingbourne and Kemsley Light Railway, which travels into the country park and just outside Sittingbourne the Bredgar and Wormshill Light Railway, home to over 10 different locomotives..

Experience Sittingbourne 

Discover Swale – A Photo Location Guide

This downloadable pdf guide features a variety of evocative and unusual Swale destination photo locations for you to explore as part of a day out walking or as specific spots to head to with your camera. Whether you have a smartphone or a DSLR, this guide has ideas and inspiration for you to plan your visit and discover some outstanding land and seascapes.

For more local information go to

For updated event listings and to discover more about the whole area of Swale (Isle of Sheppey, Sittingbourne, Faversham and surrounding villages) at our partners (Swale Borough Council) tourism support website and plan your visit with some more detailed itinerary suggestions.

For inspiration of ways to spend a break in Swale, click here...

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