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Outdoor Attractions and Gardens reopening in Kent

Springtime is here, and with it comes gardens full of colour, foodie experiences full of flavour and even surfing, goat walking, foraging and much more! Experience a day out or weekend in Kent that is full of rejuvenation.

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Castles and Gardens

Whether you’re looking for a somewhere grand to explore, or just the perfect spot to set up your picnic on the floor we’ve got you covered with our selection of exciting castles and gardens.

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Freedom is Calling...

With wide open space, rolling hills, glorious greenery and magnificent countryside in abundance, take a deep breath of fresh air and feel your mind unwind with a visit to wonderful West Kent.

Rochester Sweeps Festival

How to spend the 2022 Bank Holidays in Kent

2022 is going to be a good year for bank holidays as we’ve been given an extra one to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, by getting a bonus holiday day on 3rd June. With all those long weekends that we’ve got to use, Kent is coming out swinging for those who want entertainment, secluded escapes, to a taste of Kent right on their doorstep.

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21 things to tick off your 2021 Kent Bucket List

Looking ahead to a new year in The Garden of England...

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Indoor Attractions Re-Opening in Kent

Big days in are very soon to be back on the cards, and in eager expectancy we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Kent attractions getting ready to welcome visitors back inside from 17th May.


Wilder Kent Safari - the Blean

Explore the Blean on a 2.5 hour walking tour with a knowledgeable guide and hear all about the plans to introduce European bison, Iron Age pigs and Exmoor ponies in 2022 as part of Kent Wildlife Trust’s plans to create a wilder Kent.

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Kent's intriguing facts

We may be experts when it comes to our historic and vibrant county, but even we’re regularly astonished by some of the new facts revealed to us about Kent.

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Study in Kent

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Getting to Kent

Find out how you can travel to Kent by rail, road or by air.

Visit Kent
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